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Minivan is hit and dragged onto ramp in truck accident

Truck drivers are expected to exercise a higher standard of care when operating their commercial motor vehicles than other drivers on the road. This is due to the nature of the vehicles they are driving, and, often times, the nature of the loads they carry. Another reason truck drivers are held to a higher standard is that a truck accident can be devastating, not only for them, but also for the drivers and passengers in the vehicles they impact. No matter the severity of the impact on the lives of the truck driver, it is important that they are held accountable, if they are determined to be at fault.

An Ohio woman recently became the victim of a hit and run accident involving a semi. The accident occurred around noon. The minivan was traveling north along the highway when the vehicle was struck by a semi. The semi then kept moving and dragged the minivan onto the ramp to Route 15. The semi did not stop at any point.

Railroad crossing accident in Ohio leaves two injured in hospital

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the tragedy that can ensue following a car accident involving two vehicles that vary greatly in size and power. For example, an accident between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle or a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler can have a tragic outcome. When the accident involves a train and a motor vehicle, the chance of severe harm may increase exponentially.

A railroad crossing accident that recently occurred in Ohio has left two individuals severely injured. According to reports, the accident occurred on a Monday evening. The driver of a vehicle attempted to cross a set of railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train. Unfortunately, the front of his car struck the train's engine. The driver and his passenger became trapped in the vehicle. Rescuers responded to the scene, removed them from the vehicle and they were transported to a nearby hospital. The two are currently in stable condition.

Man files lawsuit after fatal car wreck kills girlfriend

In states across the country, including Ohio, there are numerous occurrences each year of individuals who get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. They often try to drive themselves to their next destination, whether it is home or the next bar. Unfortunately, this poor decision making and negligence often ends in a tragedy such as a fatal car wreck.

On November 8, one man's poor decision led to the death of a woman and caused injury to her 10-month-old daughter. Now, the woman's boyfriend has filed a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation for her death.

Residents of Ohio may believe that only the drunk driver can be held liable for the wrongful death of a person involved in an accident, but that is not always the case. Although this man's suit has just been filed and a decision has not yet been made, he is trying to hold the man's employer as well as those who served him alcohol liable as negligent parties in this incident.

Fatal Ohio truck accident involves 11 commercial vehicles

Residents of Columbus, Ohio, may or may not be aware that the drivers operating commercial motor vehicles, including 18-wheelers, are often held to a higher standard of care and conduct than those drivers operating passenger vehicles. Therefore, when a commercial driver is responsible for a truck accident, it can have serious repercussions for truck drivers and their employer, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the semi-truck accident.

An accident that occurred recently in Ohio involved a semi and numerous other vehicles. As a result of this accident, one woman was killed and numerous others were injured.

President Obama weighs in on sports-related brain injuries

Previous posts here have discussed the various concerns regarding the roughness of contact sports and the possibility of resulting severe injuries. Specifically discussed has been the common occurrence of brain injuries amongst athletes, professional and otherwise. Residents in states across the country, including Ohio, may be interested to know that President Obama has recently joined the conversation about these concerns.

The sport the President is most concerned about is football. He claims that, as a parent, if he had a son he is not sure he'd allow him to play. President Obama has also stated that, although he is a football lover, he and others that love the sport should expect the aggression and violence of the sport to gradually diminish over time.

Young girl dead and 20 more injured after Ohio car accident

In Ohio at this time of year, the weather can lead to dangerous driving conditions. It is important for drivers to be extra careful when roads become slick and visibility is limited in order to avoid being in a a car accident. Unfortunately, in the wake of recent snow conditions there were several multiple vehicle accidents in the state. One resulted in at least 20 people being injured and one 12-year-old girl being killed.

Although weather was clearly a factor in causing the pileup, the accident is still under investigation by authorities. The accident occurred around 11:30 AM. The 12-year-old girl had gotten out of a vehicle that had been damaged in the collision. She was standing next to a cable barrier in a median when another vehicle collided with that barrier, causing it to break and strike the girl. She was fatally injured.

80-year-old Ohio woman kills 13-year-old in hit and run accident

Many residents of Ohio likely have loved ones who are reaching an elderly age where they become easily confused. Some of these older individuals may have difficulty driving safely. Upon the occurrence of an accident, some of these citizens may become frightened and not know what to do. Recently an 80-year-old Ohio woman left the scene of a fatal accident. The court system has sentenced her to five years of probation for her actions and involvement in the accident.

Oftentimes cases involving a car accident resulting in a death will lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. It is unclear what the cause of action was in this lawsuit, but it was brought by the survivors of the victim.

Truck accident flips street sweeper and blocks traffic

The roadways of Ohio are traveled daily by vehicles of varying sizes, some of which are carrying loads, some hazardous and some not. The drivers of commercial motor vehicles and their employers are held to a higher standard of care than other drivers and are required to follow additional legislation due to the nature of their vehicles and the nature of the loads that they carry while traveling. When these vehicles are involved in a truck accident, the outcome can be very severe and sometimes tragic.

A recent Ohio accident involved a tractor-trailer and a street sweeper. The accident occurred around 4:00 in the morning when the driver of the tractor-trailer rear-ended the street sweeper. The collision caused the street sweeper to flip on its side, therefore, blocking three lanes of traffic. The driver of the street sweeper was sent to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. This accident is still under investigation so the severity of the injuries is unknown at this time.

ATV vs. car accident leaves two Ohio men dead

Two Ohio men are dead after a tragic accident. This was no usual car accident like those that usually involve passenger vehicles or semis. This car crash involved one passenger vehicle and one ATV. The head-on collision caused the death of the 24-year-old and 31-year-old men traveling in the ATV.

The accident occurred around 8:30 PM in the evening on Happy Hollow Road in Ohio. The ATV and the passenger vehicle, which also had two individuals traveling in it, were headed in opposite directions. The impact caused the death of both men in the ATV. The driver of the passenger vehicle did not sustain any injuries. However, the passenger in the vehicle suffered minor injuries and was transported to a hospital.

Medical malpractice claims continue to be capped at four years

When patients visit a doctor, they instill a large amount of confidence and trust in the doctor's abilities to appropriately treat and diagnose whatever condition the patient may be experiencing. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes. Often times, these mistakes can have tragic or catastrophic results.

This situation is often considered medical malpractice and patients who are negatively impacted by such negligence can sometimes recover compensation for the hardship they endure because of the medical mistakes that have been made. Medical malpractice laws exist in most states, including Ohio, but the laws covering recovery and statutes of limitation vary by state. Recently, legislation regarding statutes of limitation on medical malpractice claims in Ohio has come into question.

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